Terms & Conditions of RM160 Rebate Voucher

Terms & Conditions of RM160 Rebate Voucher

1. This voucher can be used to redeem selected BROOKS RUNNING SHOES and is ONLY applicable to international model (item RRP RM490 & above only).

2. This voucher is not exchangeable for cash.

3. Only one voucher can be used with a single item purchased.

4. This voucher can onlly be used at Sportslife Fusion

5. Only original are valid, photocopies or vouchers which have been altered and tempered with will not be accepted.

6. This voucher cannot be used in conjunction with any promotions, value buy or items on sale.

7. The management of Sportslife Fusion reserves the rights to add, remove or amend any of the terms and conditions listed.

8. The company wil not be responsible for the loss of this voucher.

9. GST amount derived from the amount of this voucher would be absorbed by the customer.