Neutral Running Gait

Neutral Running Shoes

Neutral running shoes are designed for runners who like how their foot strikes the ground and are comfortable with the way they run. They don't tend to include additional support such as GuideRails functionality to reduce excess movement, and they can be a comfortable, easy shoe for training or cardio workouts.

Choose neutral shoes that fit your needs

When you're not looking for a specific kind of support, you might wonder how to choose the best neutral running shoes for you. First, start with fit. Determine whether you might need narrow, standard or wide shoes to provide the most comfort. The Ghost 13 comes in several widths and makes it easy to fit your running shoe to your feet.

Next, determine what type of running goal you have. Long distance runners may want to choose shoes with extra cushion to support comfort for lengthy runs, and sprinters might want plenty of grip to ensure they come off the line as efficiently as possible.

Runners who are new to shopping for specific types of shoes might want to opt for an all-around good neutral running shoe. Consider the Launch 8 if that's you.

Remember, there's no best running shoe. There's only the best running shoe for your needs and preferences at this time.